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  • -780Born
  • 600World History - Jewish Talmud written
  • -4World History - Birth of Jesus
  • 33World History - Crucifixion of Jesus
  • -486World History - Xerxes becomes King of Persia
  • -776World History - First Olympic Games held in Greece
  • -700World History - Lydians introduce metal coinage
  • -490World History - Greeks defeat Persians under Darius and Xerxes
  • -320World History - Alexander the Great dies and Greek empire is split
  • 267World History - Goths overrun Greece, capture Athens and sack other cities
  • -660World History - Japanese Empire established by Jimmu
  • 400World History - Japanese states united by Yamato clan
  • 868World History - First book printed in China
  • -210World History - Great Wall of China built to keep out Mongolians
  • 446World History - Romans pull out of Britain
  • 122World History - Hadrian’s Wall built in Britain
  • -71World History - Death of Spartacus (Thracian rebel and insurrectionist)
  • 476World History - Romulus Augustulus, last Western Roman Emperor, deposed
  • 793World History - Vikings invade Britain
  • 866World History - Much of England occupied by Viking Great Army
  • 1075World History - Turkish Muslims take Jerusalem
  • World History - First Crusade under Godfrey of Bouillon re-takes Jerusalem
  • 1204World History - Fourth Crusade captures Constantinople - founds Latin Empire
  • 1837World History - Queen Victoria comes to British throne
  • 1859World History - Charles Darwin publishes “Origin of Species”
  • 1890World History - London Underground (electric subway system) opens
  • 1918World History - Women over 30 granted right to vote in Britain
  • 1928World History - Sir Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin
  • 1918World History - End of First World War (25m killed) - Versailles Conference
  • 1906World History - Movement for Women’s Suffrage becomes active in Britain
  • 1914World History - Britain drawn into First World War against Germany
  • 1939World History - Britain enters Second World War after Hitler invades Poland
  • 1945World History - Germany surrenders - end of Second World War (45m killed)
  • 1929World History - US Stock Market Crash
  • 1945World History - US drops first atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • 1928World History - Walt Disney introduces character of Mickey Mouse in “Steamboat Willie”
  • 1969World History - Neil Armstrong becomes first man to walk on Moon
  • 1993World History - New York World Trade Center bombing
  • 1606World History - Dutch explorers land on Australian mainland
  • 1893World History - New Zealand becomes first country to give vote to women
  • 1901World History - Commonwealth of Australia established
  • 1206World History - Ghengis Khan, King of Mongols (Tatars), starts conquests
  • 1981World History - Prince Charles marries Lady Diana Spenser
  • 1877World History - Satsuma Rebellion in Japan against introduction of new ideas
  • 2050Died

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